Maintenance Schedule

After your initial visit to Classy Canines, you may choose to get on a regular schedule with your dog for grooming. The schedule is in place so that 4 weeks costs less than 6 weeks which is then less than 8 weeks.

Cat Grooming

Cat grooming is no longer available. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Full Groom

Includes, Breed specific styling, bath, nails, ear cleaning oatmeal, whitening or darkening shampoo and conditioner as well as a bandana and lots of love!

Nail Trimming

As the nail grows, so does the quick (this is the soft part in the nail that bleeds when you cut it). The quick dictates how short you are able to take the nail. Nails should be trimmed every 4-6 weeks in order to maintain a healthy length.


Is the process of “plucking” out the coarse top coat of certain terrier breeds and leaving the undercoat. If your Terrier has not been stripped all of its life and/or been Clipped previously, you will not get the same results in the process and in some cases it is not possible and can be painful for your dog.


Short haired baths include, bath, deshedding, nails, ear cleaning a tidy up if needed as well as oatmeal, whitening or darkening shampoo, conditioner and a bandana.

Teeth Brushing

Dental cleaning at a vet is a very expensive en devour. In order to help prevent plaque build up on your dogs teeth, it is recommended that you brush your dogs teeth on a regular basis. Your groomer may be able to reach spots that you are not able to however, it is as important to continue at home as well as while your pet is at the groomers.


Anal Glands

Expressing the Anal Glands on a dog is not necessary nor advised if your dog is not having a problem with them. Indications of an issue might be, “scooting” across the floor or biting or chewing in the vicinity. Groomers express glands externally. In most cases this can fix a minor problem. In some cases your dog may need to see a vet due to impaction or infection. Your groomer will advise if this is the case. In general when it comes to glands, “if its not broken, don't fix it!”