Napanee Pricing

Having a more frequent maintenance schedule helps to maintain your dogs coat and saves you money!
All Prices are subject to 13% HST

Classy Canines works on a Maintenance schedule in order to maintain the health of your pets skin and coat by offering more frequent visits at a reduced cost to you! After your Initial visit to Classy Canines you may choose to pre-book your next appointment at an interval that works with your busy lifestyle. Reminder calls the day before your appointment takes the worry out of missing your Pets day at the spa! 

Request an appt, Find us on Facebook  Or give us a call 613-354-3433. We are available 8AM-4PM Monday-Friday and every other Saturday. 

Please note, close times may vary depending on the day.

Prices depend on dog`s breed and size. Prices are approximate and may vary according to coat condition. Cross-breeds not mentioned in the list are considered to be equal to the closest breed by coat and size.
Nail Clipping, Ear Cleaning & Oatmeal Shampoo
Ear plucking by request only
Matted charges are at the discretion of the groomer
If we are not notified of a flea problem upon arrival, there will be a min extra $20.00 fee
Feces removal: if a comb or scissors are required to remove feces, a charge will be added
Nail trims using Dremel are an additional $5.00 above the fee guide

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