Community Paws Napanee​

​Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre

​As an ongoing fundraiser, Kiley does a nail trim night at the Napanee location every 1st Monday of each month between 5:30-6:30PM.

Kiley has been doing this fundraiser for Sandy Pines since 2011 and has donated an average of $1500.00 per year!!  

2016- Calendars

in 2016, Sandra and Kiley did Calendars in order to support the Napanee Humane Society and St Johns Ambulance Therapy Dogs in Kingston. From the sale of calendars, $1140.00 was given to each of these foundations!! 

Raffles tickets were sold to decide which of their clients would go into the calendar. through Raffles, $560 was raised to support the Bouvier Rescuers of Ontario

2016- Morning Star Mission​

​2016 was the first annual Morning Star Mission Christmas food Drive. 

2017 Morning Star Mission

​2nd Annual Food drive for Mornig star Mission.